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Women’s collection

The ninesquared women’s collection consists of a varied and differentiated offer of women’s clothing and more. In fact, among these we find women’s tops, including t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, dresses and jackets, then there is the family of trousers, which inside includes long trousers, shorts and leggings. Last but not least, the ninesquared women’s collection features various bikinis and accessories including caps, bags, knee pads and arm warmers. This line of products, just born but already well known and sold to some teams of the top Italian and foreign volleyball series, is innovative and aims at the quality of its products with an important attention to detail. Ninesquared aims to offer clothing produced with cotton without pesticides and without exploiting people, so it is also very close to the social and environmental issue. The women’s collection is embellished with a refined and tailor-made design to guarantee girls an elegant and athleisure style at the same time.