About us

The Brand

Ninesquared was founded in 2017 by a group of volleyball players with the aim of merging our sport with lifestyle. The name is inspired by the size of the volleyball court, 9 meters by 9 meters: 9 squared, in English ninesquared.

The evolution of the volleyball industry

We have always believed that the Volleyball movement deserved more, which is why ninesquared was born. We want to change the way we understand volleyball, raising it to the next level and improving the perception and style of this sport.

Volleyball is in our DNA, it is not just a sport, but a way of being.

A brand that will make you stand out on the volleyball court

We elevate our sport by creating clothing lines designed for volleyball players, from free time to teamwear. We organize events and collaborate with athletes who believe in a different way of experiencing volleyball. We recognize the crucial role of volleyball clubs for the entire movement and support them in creating value and providing services to their athletes.

To achieve the ninesquared dream of a different Volleyball you need strong values:

Community: REBEL UNDERGROUND VOLLEYBALL COMMUNITY – Whoever enters ninesquared enters a unique volleyball community made up of professional and non-professional athletes, enthusiasts, sports clubs. We are all part of the same Crew.

Ask More Attitude: THE NEW VOLLEYBALL STANDARD – the creation of a Lifestyle passes through the attention to the trends of people who want to emerge from the crowd. This attitude is represented by the members of the Crew, in their way of dressing and experiencing sport. Product excellence and premium communication are the characteristics we work for every day.

Performance: FIRST IN, LAST OUT – in sport, performance is everything. We want to support the sports and image performance of athletes and clubs, to enhance the people who wear our clothes. 

Respect for the environment: THE EARTH IS WHAT WE ALL HAVE IN COMMON – Respect for the environment and people are the foundations of ninesquared. We select partners and suppliers who share this value, invest in recycled and organic materials and pay attention to the working conditions of our employees and suppliers.